Frequently asked questions.

What kind of Internet connection do I need to have?

To host the simulcast, you must have a hard-wired Internet connection speed of at least 10 mbps. You can check your connection speed at

What are the technical requirements?

There are very few technical requirements to host a simulcast: a screen for the live video, an Internet connection speed of at least 10 mbps, and three test days to ensure a successful simulcast experience.

Can we pause the simulcast to take breaks?

Pink Impact has scheduled breaks where both the live audience and simulcast sites will take breaks together.

What happens if we do not reach the minimum of 20 people for a free host site?

If your church does not reach the minimum of 20 people, your church will need to pay for the remaining number of spots so the total registration number is 20 attendees.

What do we do if the simulcast live stream stops working?

Our technical team does everything it can to ensure the simulcast streams without any interruptions; however, if problems occur, we provide each host site with a past session that can be downloaded ahead of time to have as backup. Also, testing the feed will help reduce the likelihood of technical difficulties

What technical support is available?

Pink Impact will provide you with a basic troubleshooting checklist. If you experience problems, the checklist should help you correct any technical issues you are having. We will also provide you with a technical support line once you've gone through the testing protocol.

What is the pricing for our event?

We have two pricing tiers, depending on church size. In the email you received after filling out the application online, there was a link to our Simulcast Guide. One of our simulcast coordinators will contact you within 48 hours with more information and to answer any questions you might have.

What is the deadline to sign up?

While we encourage churches to sign up now to allow time for promoting the event, registration is open until the date of the event.

Are there other dates and times that I can show the simulcast?

No, OnDemand options are not available this year.

What if I am interested in hosting, but I am not the senior pastor?

We welcome inquiries from church members and leaders who may be interested on behalf of their pastors. We have provided you with a link to a Simulcast Guide in the email you received. You may share that with your pastors.